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The island town of Lindau

Lindau, an important tourist centre on Lake Constance, is the most south westerly town in the Free State of Bavaria. The historical island town of Lindau is connected to the “garden suburb”, its counterpart on the mainland, by a road bridge and a causeway carrying the railway. Set against a backdrop of mountains, a walk along the harbour promenade is most spectacular.

Lindau old town Maximilianstrasse1 (c)David-Knipping

A sleepy jewel in the Bavarian corner of Lake Constance

Charming and totally laid back: welcome to our world!

The unique town of Lindau, with its long and influential history, is like a magnet, pulling together the diverse threads of nature and civilisation, scenery and history, past and present

Lindau, the magical island town with its “garden suburb” set around by lush green countryside, has numerous lovely historical buildings, an excellently preserved medieval town centre and the renowned harbour entrance. The atmosphere of the place tempts you to embark on a tour of exploration and discovery, to imagine yourself back in the world of generations long past.

Lindau on the interactive map

The old town

The old town centre of Lindau has largely retained its medieval character, and offers a plethora of historical gems to visit. One of the most important of these is the Old TownHall in the very heart of the island. It’s great to wander through the alleyways of the old town, past the brightly coloured façade of the town hall and the lovingly restored timber-framed houses. The lakeside promenade really is a promenade; a place for walking, for people-watching, to see and to be seen. In the evening why not visit the Lindau casino, where you can try your luck at roulette or play the one-armed bandits?

The island town of Lindau can be easily reached by car, bus or boat. The best way of getting here is definitely by boat from Bregenz. As you sail into the harbour past the Bavarian Lion guarding the entrance, you will be treated to an unrivalled view of the town!

The view of the Austrian Alps, maybe still covered with snow, is guaranteed to make your heart beat faster.

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Lindau town hall and rooftops (c) David Knipping
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